Ring Blower TS TYPE Type


  • Applications of the Pressure Conveyance
  • Pressures Applied:500 ~ 3500 mmH2O,0.6 ~ 28 kgf/cm²,0.18 ~ 15 Kw
  • The maximent permissible temperature and the gas temperature at the inlet is 40 ℃


  • Low noise and vibration:Dynamic balancing minimizes vibration.
  • Dust-proofed shaft seal:Protects bearings from contaminated air stream and possible foreign particle damage.
  • High reliability:Directly connected motor shaft-impeller provides reliable, long term performance. No gears, belts, motor brushes or sliding blades to require periodic maintenance.
  • Space-efficient design:Unique design results in substantial airflows at moderate pressures in minimum space and weight.
  • Versatility:Easily throttled and changd from pressure to suction operation. May be mounted in a variety of fashiond.
  • Stable airflow:Centrifugal compressor design delivers smooth, stable airflow with no pulsations.
  • High-pressure airflow:Produces continuous high-pressure airflow. The Ring Blower is ideally suited to many industrial application.
  • No grease, no pollution:The leafwheel, when in operation,, is isolated from other parts of the machine, no need lubrication, so this means no cause of pollution at all.
  • Easy installation:The well-equipped blower can be easily installed at any place, any time, for air-compressing or air-vacuuming;can be set vertically or horizontally.