Rotary vane wheel liquid sealed water meter LXSY-E / LXSY-E2 / LXSY-E1

Water Meter Amico Rotary vane wheel


Water Meter Amico ini digunakan untuk mengukur volume air minum yang melewati pipa dengan sangat akurat dalam jangka waktu panjang

Basic Info Water Meter Amico Rotary vane wheel

Model NO.                               LXSY-E / LXSY-E2 / LXSY-E1
Medium Temperature          Cold and Hot Water Meter
Nominal Diameter                15-50mm
Principle                                  Volumetric Meter
Work Environment                Dry Water Meter
Origin                                      Ningbo
Install                                      Horizontal
Counter Instructions            Digital
Application                             Civil
Medium Pressure                 General Water Meter
Stucture                                 Traditional
Origin                                      Ningbo

Product Description

Model Number:LXSY-E / LXSY-E2 / LXSY-E1
Brand Name: AMICO
color: blue
Install: horizontal water meter
Nominal Diameter:15~50mm
Rotary vane wheel liquid sealed water meter is used for measuring the volume of potable water passing through the pipeline.
1.Register is sealed in the capsule with special liquid and keeps a clear presentation in a long-term service.
2.Selected high quality material for steady and reliable characteristic and good looking.
3.Small start-up flow rate.
4.Especially suit to the area of bad water quality.
5.Iron or brass body,meter for option.
5.Technical data conform to ISO4064.